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Terms and Conditions

(Effective from August 3, 2007)

By signing up, you agree to be bound all the terms of this Terms and Conditions and reserves the right to terminate the membership of anyone who failed to meet these requirements.

1. By signing up, you agree to receive accosional e-mails from us. You must provide with valid e-mail address. Do not use an e-amil account with an autoresponder. And if your e-mail bounces, your account will be suspended until you validate your email address again.

2. You may only sign up once. Only one account per individual, per user, per e-mail address and per IP address is permitted. Any duplicate accounts are subject to cansellation with forfeiture of all credits and referrals held in such account.

3. You may add unlimited site, banners and text advertisements to your account. Any sites, banners or text advertisements you add may not contain any illegal of offensive materials. This includes, and not limited to, porn, warez, illegal copied software, etc. Your site cannot have more than one popup and may not break frames. You are not allowed to add paid to promote sites. Your websites will be blocked from the system without notification if your sites break one of the above rules.

4. is a FREE traffic exchange, but you can become a paid member to enjoy high benefits if you want to.

As a paid member you will enjoy following benefits:
200% activity level.
1 traffic credits per page surfed.
credits per month
Free referrals
0.25 credit per unique visit to the referral link
5 levels of referrals commissions: 25%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 5%
Double random bonus
Double converted credits
15% discount on advertising purchase
15 second timer

5. The exchange ratio, referral bonus, referral commissions, paid to promote earnings and other bonus credits will depend on your activity level.

As a FREE member you will get:
0.5 * activity level credit per page surfed.
100 * activity level credits signup bonus.
50 * activity level credits per member referred.
(15%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%) * activity level credits from 5 levels of referrals.
winnings * activity level credits each time you win bonus credits.

100% activity level will be given to new members when they signup. Members must login and surf every 10 days to keep the activity level at 100%, if they fail to do so, the activity level will be decreased by 5% in every 10 days until it reduced to 70%.

If your activity level is below 100%, it will be increased by surfing. Many random bonuses will be displayed while surfing, you can win various number of bonus levels that can be added to your current activity level.

Paid members' activity level is 200% and it will not be affected by their activity.

6. You must login and surft at least one time in every 30 days to keep your websites rotating. If you don't login and surf for 30 days, your advertisements will be stopped from rotating and will not be activated until you surf at least 10 sites. Advertisers and upgraded members are exempt. If you fail to login at least one time in 6 months, you will loose your cash.

7. You must view a website full 20 seconds and click the specific image to earn credits, you may not earn any credits by refreshing the surf page. You must not use any robots to surf, we have good anti-cheat system, if we find you using robots, your account will be terminated immediately without notice.

8. You will get bonus wild card while surfing. These wild cards can be used in our poker game to win even more credits.

9. You will earn $0.1 for referring new member to our site. But you are not allowed to pay to them for signing up and you are not allowed to put your referral url to paid to signup sites.

10. You will earn $0.025 for every 100 websites you surf in a daily basis. You are not allowed to use any kind of robots or automated surfing program to surf. If we find you are using robots, your accounts will be terminated immediately and you will be banned from our site.

11. Spam will not be tolerated and your account will be deleted if we discover that you spammed to advertise your referral link.

12. You must not try to cheat to earn credits. If we find you cheating, your account will be terminated immediately.

13. All sales made through are final. There will be no refunds issued for any sales made through web site.

14. reserves the right to change any part of these terms any time without prior notice. You will be notified of changes to the terms by e-mail. If the changes in the terms are not acceptable to you, you are required to delete your account.