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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traffic exchange?
It's very simple. You will visit other members' websites and they will visit yours. The more websites you visit, the more website traffic you will receive.

What is targeting?
As we all know, no product or service can be all things to all people. Targeting is the process of delivering the best possible ad to the user through content matching, profiling, or filtering. At you can target your audience by contry, by country group, by interest or by interest range. You have over 200 contries and 60 interests to select. Targeting is a FREE feature at You can even use this feature on banner advertising.

What is changable uniqueness?
The changable uniqueness is a controller of the unique visitors to your websites. A unique visitor is a visitor that has visited your website only one time in one day. Some traffic exchanges may send hundreds or thousands of hits to your website daily, but only a few people are visiting your website, the same persons visit your website repeatedly. This kind of advertising apparently has no effect. At you can control the number of visits from the same person with our "Changable Uniqueness" feature. Your traffic credits will not be eaten by same person.

What is the traffic exchange ratio?
Basic traffic exchange ratio for Free members is 2:1. Free members visit two other members' website and receive 1 traffic to theirs. But it will be changed later depending on the member's activity level.
Traffic exchange ratio for Upgraded members is 1:1.
Upgraded members visit one others site and receive 1 traffic to theirs.

What is the Activity Level?
All members have a level called Activity Level. The default Activity Level is 100% when the members first signup, later it will be changed based on how active the member is. The most active members' Activity Level will be kept at 100%, but inactive members' Activity Level will be decreased by 5% in every 10 days until the Activity Level is 70%. Upgraded members have 200% Activity Level and it is not be affected by their activity.

How does the Activity Level works?
We have made a relationship between Activity Level and surf earnings, referral bonuses and commissions, bonus page winnings, etc. It means that you will earn more with a higher Activity Level. The relationship between Activity Level and other credit systems are as follow:

Surf for credit earnings = 0.5 x Activity Level
Signup bonus = 100 x Activity Level
Referral bonus = 50 x Activity Level
Referral commissions:
    Tier1 = 15% x Activity Level
    Tier2 = 10% x Activity Level
    Tier3 = 5% x Activity Level
    Tier4 = 3% x Activity Level
    Tier5 = 2% x Activity Level
Bonus page winnings = winnings x Activity Level

What if my Activity Level is decreased?
The Activity Level can be increased by surfing. If your Activity Level is below 100%, it will be increased by 1% every day you login to your account and surf at least 10 sites in the first time and get 1% per 100 sites surfed later. You can keep it at 100% by surfing at least 10 sites in every 10 days.

Am I allowed to have more than one account?
We allow one account per individual, per user, per e-mail, per IP address only.

Is this program international?
Yes, we welcome all international members.

How many referral levels are there?
There are 5 referral levels, but referral commissions are different for different membership levels.
Free members will earn 35% of referrals earnings (15%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%).
Upgraded members will earn 60% of referrals earnings (25%, 15%, 10%, 5%, 5%).

Can I buy extra traffic?
Yes, simply log into your account and click on the link to Buy Credits!

Can I add multiple websites or banners?
Yes, you can add unlimited websites and banners.

Why do my account set to inactive?
It is because you did not login and surf any sites in the past 60 days.

What do I do if my account set to inactive?
You must validate your e-mail address to reactivate your account. You can do this by clicking "Resend validation code" link on the home page.

I have not received the validation code. How can I complete the joining process?
You must validate your email address to join this program. If you have not received the validation code, please check your junk mail folder or bulk mail folder, it may be considered as spam by your email provider. If you did not find in these folders also, you may have to change your email address. You can change your email address by clicking the "Resend validation code" or "Lost password" link on the home page.

What kind of websites do you allow?
We accept websites in any language. But your site may not contain any illegal of offensive materials such as porn, warez, illegal copied software, etc. Your site cannot have more than one popup and may not break frames. We don't allow paid to promote sites. Your account may be suspended if your sites do not follow our rules. Please make sure you check your URLs before you add them!

How do I do if my website suspended?
Your website will be suspended if it does not follow any of our rules. You can change your website informations in the members' area.

Can I convert my surfed traffic credits to other kind of advertising credits?
Yes. You can convert your traffic credits to banner impressions, home page text advertising and surf page text advertising, etc.

I have assigned many credits to one of my sites, but it is down, can I stop it from rotation? Yes. You can pause it from rotation during the down time and start it again when the problem's fixed or just delete it and all of your unused credits of this site will be returned to your account.

Can I earn cash at
Yes. You will earn $0.1 for every person you refer and earn $0.025 for every 100 websites you surf.

I have referred a new member, but $0.1 bonus cash was not added, why?
Bonus will be added when your referral surf at least 10 sites to activate his/her account.

I have registered already, but signup bonus credits were not added, why?
Bonus will be added when you surf at least 10 sites to activate your account.

Do you have a daily surfing limit?
No. You can surf as many sites as you like if there are enough number of active sites.

When do I get paid?
You can request cashout when your account balance reaches $10.

What payment processor do you accept and what payment processor do you use to pay to members?
Currently we accept Paypal, AlertPay to purchase and use Paypal to send member earnings. We may add others processors in the future.

My questions not answered on this page, what can I do?
Contact Us and supply as much information as possible so we can solve the problem in a timely manner.